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A series of old environment concept art I made in a more stylized visual way. I wanted to have a quick break from Ui and 3D work. I made some new custom Photoshop brushes and went nuts with it, I also took the opportunity to test a mix my own vector-ish paint style with teh style from master Eyvind Earle.


The reason for trying this style is because some people pointed out to me several times that my regular style of drawing was similar to his, and even that I wasn't aware who he was I did got heavily influenced by his work on backgrounds for animations, how lovely was to find that out! For those illustrations I just played with that a little and fully embrace paying my respects to this master.

This was extremely pleasant to paint. I really enjoyd! Results could improve but the process was deeply satisfying regardless. I believe if I try this style more times (10-15 at least), I may be into something I'd like to do for quick concept art production as my default style. Hope you guys like!

I started drawing it in illustrator and migrated to Photoshop as it’s faster to iterate.

::: INFO

  • Concept art

  • Enviroment design
  • Painting
  • Photshop brush making


  • llustrator
  • Photoshop