H E L L O D A V E . C O



I made this as a personal project back in 2016 and I abandoned it for lack of time to continue. My idea was practicing a full environment using hard-surface modeling in Modo in a modular manner, so I could create a large interior environment for my fictional space documentary CGI animation.


The story was to create some sort of Space investigation photographic documentary, in a station on a parallel universe that mysteriously stopped functioning and transmitting. Unfortunately I just did not have time to finish it, this is like 20% of the modeling only. It has no proper textures, no set dressing assets, it’s just walls and frames. I usually don’t post work in progress, but I thought this one looked ok for a WIP.

All Modo, and the picture frame is Illustrator, the character I painted on Photoshop.

MADA is Japanese for “Still” or “Not yet”, which is a personal joke here, for not yet finished this work and for being empty and still in space.

::: INFO

  • 3D Hard-surface
  • UI / FUI
  • Environment Design

  • Graphic Design


  • Modo
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop