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I found some designs I made back in 2005 for a Japanese Design Magazine, and surprisingly I still really enjoyed those old designs, and after seeing those I started to play around with the same type of composition but this time instead of thinking Print and Magazine, I focused on Digital Screens and Motion. A Title sequence for a show called The Grid


This was somewhat fast and really fun to do, I made while I was on a treatment at hospital, so the Documentary theme was a suggestion from my Doctor at the time! Nice one Doctor Stephen!

Around 9hrs of graphic design, acrylic paint stains, photographing, and some time designing the circuit motives in an actual circuit board softwar called PCB creator. I did animate everything in After Effects, but did not enjoyed the resuts, so only showing still concepts.

::: INFO

  • Title sequence

  • Graphic Design
  • FUI
  • Motion


  • llustrator
  • Photoshop
  • PCB Creator
  • After Effects
  • Paper and Acrylic Paint
  • Camera GH4 Lumix